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Locally sourced and handmade is the way we do it.

We make a range of eco friendly wooden stools or side tables here in our own workshop, in a place called Bells Yew Green which is just outside Royal Tunbridge Wells, South England. This is how...... The above image shows how we source local timber, in this case some fine English Oak from Eco Logs which is a company owned and run by a nice man named Laurance Crow. As a by product of correct woodland management amazing pieces of timber become available to us and are the raw ingredient to our stools and side tables. Giant green scary tractor thing ( aka a telescopic handler ) operated by Jan Dal, another nice guy. Safely back at our...

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Shop Obe & Co is open !

Were very glad to say that our web shop is now up and running, making it easy to buy our range of handmade English designs. Currently the Spotty is available and in stock. The the amounts of stock are small due to the fact that we do not mass produce as we want things to remain at the high standard they are currently at due to the hand making methods we use. Two sizes of Obe lamps will be added very soon. We will keep you posted!

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